PayMobey SARL is a leading provider of mobile payment / mobile banking solutions and services, PayMobey is incorporated in France.

PayMobey people have invested more than four years in the marketing and technical development of PayMobey, solution for mobile payments and money transfers. PayMobey is marketing its solutions and services, worldwide, directly and thru local partners. PayMobey is providing its solutions and services in Lebanon and throughout Middle East area, thru its lebanese subsidiary PayMobey Middle East SAL , to any organization having the necessary authorizations to operate payment and money transfer services in electronic money, wether it is a bank, a telephone operator, a retailer, a governmental or a non-governmental organization.

In Lebanon, you can pay with PayMobey at most of the merchants, wether face to face thru their POS or remotely thru your phone or thru any web enabled terminal.

PayMobey is expending in other areas thru local subsidiaries and local partners.

For the first time a solution integrating phonesPOS terminals, ATMs and voice print recognition as a mean to authenticate users and to commit themselves by signing transactions.

PayMobey is a full fledge solution designed to operate on its own a payment service or to integrate with an existing solution. Among other things, it includes all the goodies necessary to manage a network of branches and their agents and to provide customers support.I

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